Studio Work

I feel very at home in recording studios and I make sure that everyone involved does too. I provide the following recording studio services:

Full Producer Role (Bay Area only)

I'll manage every technical aspect of your session so you can focus on what you do best, the music. I'll schedule your session with the best recording studio for your price point and handle any and all hiccups along the way. If you hate worrying about logistics and just want to focus on getting the best recording possible, I got you. I can even book an incredible backing band for you from my network of top call studio professionals.


Contract Role

If you've already got a studio session setup but you're having trouble finding an engineer, or getting a video team, I am more than happy to help you find top call professionals for your session. I work with photographers, cinematographers, audio engineers, designers, studio musicians, and other producers that can help you create a better artistic product. Any creative or production needs you have, I can find you the right people to help.


Top call production staff

I work with the Bay Area's best cinematographers, audio engineers, and light designers. I'll put together the perfect team for your studio live video shoot.


Bay Area's best studios

I'll find the right studio for you to get the sound that you want, at the price that you want. I'll make sure they have exactly the gear that you need, including the exact microphone that suits your voice for that perfect sound.

Top call studio musicians

I can book the perfect musicians to accompany you. As a studio musician and producer, I've got the ears to pair you with the right cats to get the sound you want. I work with the best studio musicians the Bay Area and LA has to offer.