Hi, I'm Kevin, nice to meet you.

I'm a musician, concert promoter, and engineer. Read more about me below, or check out "work" (upper right corner) for stuff I do. Contact me here.

About Me

I love music – it’s my passion and what drives me. I love creating music, discovering music, organizing music, and helping others do the same. I want to create positive change in the music industry by lowering barrier to entry for artists and fans. I think artists should have better tools for getting their music out and fans should have better tools for finding the music they love.

My story starts with performance – I’ve been playing keyboards, organ, and piano professionally in the Bay Area for 9 years now in a variety of genres, primarily jazz, R&B, and soul music. My mentors and teachers on the Hammond B3 Organ include Wil Blades and Tony Monaco. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I can balance the musical needs of the artist with the musical needs of the fans. I believe that the best shows tread the fine line between complete artistic freedom, novelty, and just enough familiarity to keep fans satisfied.

I dabble in concert photography, my past clients include SFJAZZ, Stanford University’s Music Department and Bing Concert Hall. Being a musician helps a lot with capturing the right moments. I’ve booked over 30 large concerts (100-700 audience) at Stanford and produced live concert videos of most of them. Naturally, I started doing video work for independent artists as well. My latest film and studio project was producing Pomplamoose’s 2016 Live Album.

I’m working towards a computer science degree and hope to create technology solutions for musical problems. I've been lucky to work at amazing creative tech companies like Patreon, CrowdAmp, Chartmetric, and Pandora creating tools for creators, influencers, and record labels. I'm always inspired to demand better for artists and fans and create a better and happier world through music.

If you know the secret ingredient in Philz Ecstatic Coffee, please contact me immediately.